Postcards 4U: Rain-bowed

Dear U,

Although Luang Prabang isn’t the capital of Laos, its attractions far exceed that of Vientiane. People from away come to be awed by the many shinning temples that stand majestically and quietly at this serene colonial town by the Mekong river; they also come to shop at the kaleidoscopic and vibrant night market.

On my first night there, I strolled through stalls upon stalls that sell similar if not identical products. Then I happened upon one particular stall that sells colourful oil-paper umbrella. Oil-paper umbrella originated in China but has spread all across asia. Besides their use as a shield against nature’s fury, sun and rain, they are also used in ceremonies, such as weddings. It is nice to see that in this high tech day and age, some beautiful traditional arts are being preserved.

I remembered as a little boy playing with my grandma’s oil-paper umbrella. I played games with it until I inevitably poked holes into it and got scolded by my grandma. Standing in front of these eye-catching umbrellas then, the sweetness of nostalgia engulfed me and I bowed to the bittersweet aftertaste of the memory.

Wish you were here,



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