Postcards 4U: Rice girls

Posted on 31. Oct, 2011 by in Postcards 4U

Dear U,

Riding my rented motorbike through the countryside of Laos is one of the pleasure of travelling in this country. On my 2nd to last day I was coming back from visiting the Plain of Jars as I passed by this rice field I suddenly saw these 2 girls walking in the middle of it on their way to school.

I really like the simplicity of this picture, kind of reminded me of simpler time when I was a young boy going to school in a small town. Unlike them I didn’t have to walk to school and even if I had, I wouldn’t have dragged my feet along. I do miss the carefree-ness and innocence of childhood. When we’ve grown up we always reminiscent of the past, but I guess the correct thing to do is not take the present for granted and live it to the full.

Wish you were here,






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  1. Stephen

    03. Nov, 2011

    Nice shot. I never tire of passing rice fields.

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  2. Juno

    07. Nov, 2011

    It looks amazingly similar with rural Korean village. Beautiful.

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