7 Super Shots: Photos to tickle your wanderlust

I am thrilled to be able to participate in Hostelbookers 7 Super Shots; the hottest photo project going around the travel community at the moment. You can read about the rules here. Basically you look through all your photos and choose the one that best fits each of the categories. See other round-up posts on twitter #7SuperShots.

And thanks to Stephen from Bohemian Traveler for nominating me. Do check out his site.

It has taken me some painstaking hours to select the following photos that I’m proud of. So, here are my 7 Super Shots to tickle your wanderlust.

A photo that… takes my breath away

This is Perrito Moreno in Argentina. The moment I saw this, it literally took my breath away. The sheer dimensions and colours of this glacier are hard to describe. And every few minutes a piece would break off and fall into the water. It’s poetry in motion. And for 2 hours I could not stop marvelling at the incomprehensible beauty of mother nature.

A photo that… makes me laugh or smile

Every time I see this photo it makes me laugh. This photo was taken in a village near Phonxali, Laos. Our trekking guide stopped at one of the houses to get some lao-lao, and there were these kids playing there. So we took some photos of them and showed them, and this kid would crack up each time he saw his photos. And his laugh was so contagious that soon we all started laughing with him.

A photo that… makes me dream

There’s something magical about a cidade maravilhosa. This was one of them: Standing atop the Pão de Açúcar as the sun sets behind the surrounding mountains, the city lights up to greet the dusk and samba music seeps out from crammed apartment blocks. As day turned into night but the rhythm of life doesn’t change in Rio de Janeiro.

A photo that… makes me think

In a different time, this would have been one of the most terrifying sights for some. This is the railway track arriving at Auschwitz. There was a sense of solemnity and mournfulness that moved anyone that come there. I could not imagine all the unspeakable evils that transpired there. It was one of the most sombering experiences I had ever had.

A photo that… makes my mouth waters

I present to you Pasteil de nata! The first time I had it was in Portugal in 2005. I remember loving it. But I could not find it anywhere else. 7 years later I was reunited with it in Macau. The moment I put it in my mouth was like the kiss of a long-lost lover. Yum… This is by far my favourite dessert.

A photo that… tells a story

This is a photo of a young Karen girl. She is a refugee from Myanmar living in Thailand. But the bureaucracy and corruption entrap her and her people in a stateless limbo. They could not go to a third country as refugees and they could not go back home to Myanmar. They are subjected to display themselves in a human zoo like environment for tourists to take photos of their ring-neck, and get some measly income by selling souvenirs.

A photo that… I am most proud of (aka my National Geographic shot)

This is my favourite photo, the one I’m most proud of. I took it with a film camera on a boat leaving Patras, Greece. I don’t remember the settings I used but I remember being stunned by the colours, shades and texture of it when the film came back. I couldn’t believe I did that.

I am nominating:

Daniel Heintz of classicNOMAD

Matt of NomadicMatt

Jeremy of Travelfreak

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Thank you very much Stephen. Make Argentina your next destination! Go to Patagonia (where Perrito Moreno Glacier is), they called it God’s Paradise! It’s been almost a year, but each time I look at the photo of that boy laughing, it still puts a smile on my face.


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