This is… Borneo sunset

The 3rd largest island in the world, Borneo is as exotic a destination as it comes. The dense and unexplored rainforest jungles (one of the oldest in the world, along with the Amazon rainforest), the many National Parks, tropical beaches, and the native tribes who still cling on to their traditional way of life, all these make Borneo one of the last lost paradise for travellers.

But one thing most people do not know, is that Borneo offers one of the most spectacular sunsets you’ll ever see. A friend once told me that “Borneo is the land of thousand sunsets”, and he is absolutely right.

As the activities of the wind down, as the frantic pace of the day slows, and the day gives way to the night, this is the best moment to relax and reflect. And sunset provides the most ideal setting. There’s just something calm and soothing in the warm colours of sunsets.

I believe that sunset is a time when mother nature tries her hand at painting; using all the colours at her disposal to create warmth, calm and breathtaking beauty.

(Photo credit: wander2nowhere, Sreekanth Veerasamy)

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Thanks Arianwen. I agree that you get the best sunset shots on beaches, I guess that’s because when the colours are reflected off the water, it make the picture doubly breathtaking πŸ™‚
Do come to Borneo, it’s quite different from mainland Malaysia.


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