Postcards 4U: Guardian angels

Dear U,

Wandering the streets of Taiwan you’ll be stunned by the elaborated entrance of the temples. This one was taken on a side street at Danshui, near Taipei city. The 2 brightly painted figures are the “Door Gods”. They guard the door to keep the people inside safe from evil spirits or ghosts. And this practice is not exclusive to temples as many homes and businesses have adopt these gods to keep their homes and businesses safe from evil and bad luck.

There are many types of “Door Gods”, mostly derived from characters from history and legends. But they all have the same function – keep guard.┬áThe concept is not unlike the occidental idea of guardian angels.

As a person caught in between religion and atheism, I think it’s a very nice thing to have. We can’t deny that there’s comfort and relief in knowing that someone has got your back. At the very least, we could admire the aesthetic and artistic beauty.

Wish you were here,


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