Postcards 4U: Pandamania


Dear U,

They are the cutest, most adorable creatures on earth, hands down!

I had seen pandas on TV, magazine and on the logo of WWF. But I was never taken to it. For me it was just another animal, like an orangutan, an elephant, etc. But when I was in Chengdu, China I decided to visit the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base just outside of the city to see this black and white bear with perpetual dark eye patches.

My first sight of the pandas melted my heart. They were so fluffy and just too cute for words. My first instinct was to hug them, because they looked so hug-able, so fluffy; like soft toys. Imagine the teddy bear you had as a kid; the one you clang to when you were afraid; the one you hugged when you were sleeping; that’s what seeing these panda conjured in me.

We, the ooo-ing and aaa-ing humans, had to look at them from a distance, across a barrier. But if you have a lot of money to burn you could pay to have your photo taken with them. The whole base was nice to wander around; shady and quiet. There weren’t many people around and that had made the experience so much better.

As I walked out from the place I heaved a sigh of contentment. I finally found the animal I would like to have as pet! (too bad that’s not going to happen)

Wish you were here,

Panda 2panda 3 Panda 4

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