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bird of peace

Dear U,

In the heart of Medellin city, the 2nd largest city of Colombia, lies the Plaza San Antonio. Inaugurated in 1994 as a public recreation area, it’s dotted with sculptures by Fernando Botero, one of Medellin’s most famous sons. But what sets this plaza apart from any other plazas is a set of bird sculptures; called ‘pajaros de paz” (birds of peace).

The first one was blown up during a concert in 1995, killing 23 people and injuring many more. In 2000, Botero made and identical bird and placed it next to the remnant of the other one; as a symbol of peace and a memorial to the victims. These 2 birds are symbolic to the city and represent its story. Home to the infamous drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar, Medellin was once named the most dangerous city in the world. But today, it’s an urban city with modern infrastructure that even Bogota can’t rival.

Medellin was a home for this nomad for over a year, and during the time I was there I grew to like it, and even love it. What makes this city so special isn’t the modern infrastructures but its people. They are among the most friendly people I’ve ever met. They live intensely, passionately and in the present. I guess that has a lot to do with growing up in the uncertainty of the dangerous time. They taught me to love life passionately and to live it presently. No other places had taught me as much as Medellin.

Oh! How I miss you, Medellin.

Wish you were here,

Bird of peace 2


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Thank you Stephen! Inddeed I have a lot of fond memories of Medellin. Can’t wait to go back. I agree it’s better twinning them than replacing the old one: the past should not be swept under a carpet. Be proud of the scars and look towards a brighter future

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