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La Candelaria

Dear U,

People who have never been to Colombia say that it’s a very dangerous city, and people who have never been to Bogotá say that it’s an ugly and uninspiring city. Well, after living in Colombia for one and a half year, I can tell you that the danger in Colombia is overrated. And Bogota has some beauty area, such as the colonial district of La Candelaria.

Bogotá does have its modern concrete skyscrapers, but once you walk into La Candelaria, you will feel that you’ve traveled back in time, to the colonial period, as the buildings retain much of its period charms.

Many of the buildings are bright and colourful. Although it creates a visual contrast to the old cobblestone streets, it does give life to the old quarter.

Unlike some touristy area where everything is done up for tourists, La Candelaria is an authentic district where local Bogotanos live: Children run from home to buy sweets at the corner shop, old men sit in cafe sipping a hot cup of coffee watching people come and go, women carrying baskets of vegetables returning home from the market.

Sometimes traveling is also just sitting in a plaza observing the people and listening to the sound of life around you. And the best place to do so in Bogotá is here in La Candelaria.

Wish you were here.

La Candelaria 2La Candelaria 3


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