Finding Lucky

turtle 1There is nothing compare to the warm and relaxing sensation of sitting by the beach and watching the sun slowly sets on the horizon. And there’s no sunset quite like the one in Borneo.

2014 was the year I explored my own backyard, Sarawak, and I was surprised to find treasure trove of cultural gems and adventures. One of these adventure brought me to Talang-talang Island, one of a few places in Sarawak where you can see turtles lay eggs. Read more

Chinese New Year

2015 has been named Year of Festivals in Malaysia. I’ve asked fellow Malaysian writers to share about their experiences participating in the various festivals. This installment we have Arththi Sathananthar of Sedunia Travel‘s blog to share with us her experience during the Chinese New Year festival (which falls on 19 February this year).

Open houses, open hearts

Lion dance (photo credit: Cyril Teo)

Lion dance (photo credit: Cyril Teo)

As a melting pot of cultures, religions and ethnicities, Malaysia is home to a plethora of festivals. Read more


Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country with myriads of cultural and religious practices. The richness of this multifaceted society is manifested in its colourful and diverse festivals. 2015 has been named Year of Festivals so what better time to visit Malaysia if not now!

I’ve asked fellow Malaysian writers to share about their experiences participating in the various festivals. This installment we have R.a.W of RambleAndWander to share with us his experience at the Thaipusam festival. (This year falls on 3 February 2015)


Read more

Travel to Colombia FAQs

Colombia is fast becoming one of South America’s best travel destinations. Picturesque landscapes, Caribbean beaches, snow-capped mountains, ancient ruins, and the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, this country is a true gem for travelers looking for something more than a typical South America travel experience. Read more

Traveling in my own backyard: Babulang festival and Buffalo racing

Sarawak (Malaysian Borneo) is starting to creep up on the radar of tourists and travelers in the region. Some of the biggest attractions are the festivals here; from the ultra successful Rainforest World Music Festival, to the less known Borneo Jazz festival. But what Sarawak has, that many places don’t, is the treasure trove of cultural festivals. With over 40 ethnic groups, each with their own distinct language, culture, and tradition, this land is a gold mine for culture vultures. Read more

Rainforest World Music Festival 2014


Awarded as one of the Top 25 music festivals in the world for 5 consecutive years (2010-2014) by Songlines, UK, the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) is one of the biggest musical events in Malaysia; and the biggest tourism draw to Sarawak. Read more

Traveling in my own backyard: Semban – the ring ladies

From the lofty height of watching sunrise at a mountain top, we descended back to Semban village for breakfast.  After breakfast, Mr. Sagen arranged for us to meet two of the “ring ladies”.

Who are the ‘ring ladies’? Read more

Traveling in my own backyard: Semban – the village above the clouds

In recent months, I’ve been bitten by a different type of traveling bug: I’m beginning to enjoy traveling in my own backyard. I’ve only starting to realize how much Sarawak, the Malaysian state on the Borneo island, has a lot to offer: lush tropical rainforest, unique wildlife, and arresting indigenous cultures, etc. The three things that Sarawak can offer visitors are: Adventure, Nature, and Culture. And my visit to Semban has all three! Read more

Traveling in my own backyard: Kaul festival

Do you know the strange feeling of looking at your home as if it’s an exotic land? After traveling the world for the past 10 years, returning to my home land of Sarawak, on the Borneo island, I began to see my own “backyard” with a new light; like a foreigner excited to explore one of the least visited place on earth, with all its exotic ethnic cultures and traditions. Read more

Dali unmasked


From foreign backpackers in the past to Chinese tourists of recent years, visitors have been coming to Dali for centuries. There’s just something about this ancient town that has managed to draw people in from ancient time till now. Read more