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A trek through smiley land

Trekking in many parts of Southeast Asia, you have to battle leeches and dangerous terrain. But the trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake in the centre of Myanmar is one of the best treks I have done in this region.

This is… Bagan

If you can only go to one place in Myanmar, make it Bagan. The fame of Bagan cannot rival that of Angkor in Cambodia (yet) but its beauty and the energy of the place is on par with that of Angkor.

This is… Shwedagon Pagoda

The most famous landmark in Yangon, Shwedagon Pagoda is one of the most sacred place for Burmese Buddhists. It is believed that as far as 2,600 years ago there was a pagoda at Shwedagon’s current location; making it one of the longest continuous religious site in the world.

Observing Yangon

Myanmar – a country that was shrouded in mystery and conjured images of lush undiscovered natural beauty until recently – is still relatively untouched by tourism. There is no luxury resorts to lure the big spenders; no banana pancake trail to tempt the average backpackers looking for fun. But it is THE destination most avid…read more

The best meal I have ever had

“What’s the best meal you’ve had?” One of the backpackers I met in Dali, China asked us as we sat on the step of an old Chinese temple nursing a bottle of mao tai (a strong Chinese liquor). Four backpackers from 4 corners of the world and distinctive travel experiences, we were sharing our experiences…read more

Ramadhan food bazaar in Malaysia

Ramadhan is the fasting month for the Muslims; a time of spiritual reflection and increased devotion. It is almost like Lent for the Catholics but more severely practiced and observed. For about a month (29 to 30 days), the Muslims are supposed to fast from food and drink from sunrise to sunset.

Spirited away

Taiwan is one of the most fascinating countries in Asia. The discerning travellers come here for the colourful culture, glorious food and breathtaking nature. Tainan, the oldest city, is famous for its temples. So this is one of the best place to see a temple festival.

Moving Cambodia

One of my most terrifying experiences, on par with jumping off a cliff and being mugged, is riding on the back of a motorbike as it zigzag at breakneck speed through Hanoi’s congested traffic.