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This is… Borneo sunset

The 3rd largest island in the world, Borneo is as exotic a destination as it comes. The dense and unexplored rainforest jungles (one of the oldest in the world, along with the Amazon rainforest), the many National Parks, tropical beaches, and the native tribes who still cling on to their traditional way of life, all…read more

All Penh up

Looking out the bus window at the choking traffic as the bus crawls into Phnom Penh I feel a sense of unease.

This is… Angkor

Angkor Wat has been capturing the imagination of travellers, artists, scholars for generations. Nestled amidst forests and padi fields, it was once voted as the most spiritual places on earth.

It’s a Cham life

Getting from Can Tho, Vietnam to Kompong Cham, Cambodia requires me to use all my travelling experiences and resources, not to mention an abundance of patience. Instead of land transport, I decide to cross the border by boat,

Market on the water

As I mentioned in my previous post that I’m not a fan of HCMC, but I needed the 4 days there where I shed off my traveller’s identity, where there’s no sight to check off a list or must do activity.

This is… HCMC

  Ho Chi Minh City aka Saigon doesn’t really attract me, it lacks the charm and laid-backness of Hanoi, the attractions of Hue and Hoi An.

This is… Hoi An old town

Hoi An’s is a charming little town with beautiful old buildings, quiet streets, busy markets and lively riversides. As a UNESCO World Heritage site it is one of the most popular stops in Vietnam. 

Dragon’s lair

Halong Bay, Vietname, the scorching sun is finally relenting and very slowly setting behind the impossibly preternatural Karst mountains few hundred metres from where the boat has anchored for the night.

This is… Hanoi old quarter

Hanoi is an enchanting city, and nowhere do you experience this enchantment more than the old quarter. Located a stone’s throw away from Hoan Kiem Lake, the old quarter is a living and working area.