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Caught by Vietnamese

It was an adventure in itself to get to Hanoi, Vietnam from Phonsavan, Laos. The crossing was the least used by travelers and tourists.

Jarring past

After spending our last day together with a traditional sauna and massage in a temple in Vientiane I said goodbye to my friend and headed to a small town in the north east of Laos. Phonsavan is a dusty town which struggle to hold tourists and travellers interest longer than a day.

LOCALmotive boat ride

(The Phonxali-Muang Khua-Muang Ngoi boat ride) Sitting in a 6m x 1m wooden boat with 20 odd people and their luggage wasn’t a fun experience. My knees were squashed up to my chin, the water level was inches from my face and there were as many rapids to navigate through as there are villages along…read more

Scorching Heaven Idyllic Hell

A lot of travelers bypass Chiang Rai in their mad rush between Thailand and Laos. Indeed Chiang Rai doesn’t have any spectacular sights to offer but its charm lies in it being a relaxed and workaday place that doesn’t rely on tourism to survive. So it’s the best place to meet locals and unwind from…read more

Limbo doesn’t rock

Getting to Mae Hong Son was an adventure in itself: a 10-hour windy and bumpy ride that snakes up and down the numerous mountains and valleys on a beat-up bus.

Wat is this

Thailand has been a tourist/traveler’s mecca for a long time. Known as The Land of Smiles, the Thais are friendly, polite and humble. I think that has a lot to do with their religion – Buddhism.

Meeting crocs and spying orangutans

“There are crocodiles in the river,” 2 cute little boys told me just before I went on the boat to cruise down the brown-colored crocodiles-infested river.

The Refined Art of Packing

I’m writing this at home, 2 days before the departure for my 2 months plus trip around South East Asia.