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Postcards 4U: Colourfully local

Dear U, People who have never been to Colombia say that it’s a very dangerous city, and people who have never been to Bogotá say that it’s an ugly and uninspiring city. Well, after living in Colombia for one and a half year, I can tell you that the danger in Colombia is overrated. And…read more

Postcards 4U: Bird of peace

Dear U, In the heart of Medellin city, the 2nd largest city of Colombia, lies the Plaza San Antonio. Inaugurated in 1994 as a public recreation area, it’s dotted with sculptures by Fernando Botero, one of Medellin’s most famous sons. But what sets this plaza apart from any other plazas is a set of bird…read more

Postcards 4U: Painting future past

Dear U, The Sun Moon Lake in central Taiwan is famed for its ethereal lake, pristine forests and world renown cycling path. It is one of the more touristy site in Taiwan, with busloads of Chinese tourists descending upon this lake everyday. Beyond its natural beauty, this is also where the Thao people live, the…read more

Postcards 4U: Time of departure

Dear U, With hoards of cultural attractions and outdoor activities, it’s strange how the Sulawesi island of Indonesia doesn’t feature very prominently on travels’ radar. Just as well, as those who venture off the beaten path could have the whole place to themselves. One of the most riveting and interesting things I’ve seen in Sulawesi…read more

Postcards 4U: Lakeside story

Dear U, The beauty of Xihu (West Lake) in Hangzhou has captured the hearts of the Chinese for centuries. It was exulted in poems, paintings, love letters and has ingrained in the imagination of the people as the epitome of beauty with an element of romanticism.

Postcards 4U: Forbidden past

Dear U, Growing up in nanyang (south of the ocean, typically refers to Singapore and Malaysia), there was no shortage of Hong Kong TV series. I remember watching a lot of period dramas and kungfu series, many of which were either set in the Forbidden Palace or had it as the backdrop to the story….read more