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Postcards 4U: Mind game

Dear U, One of the images that can be seen all over China (if you are not too busy being a tourist) is a group of elderly people playing Chinese chess in gardens, parks and even pavements.

Postcards 4U: Piety

Dear U, If Thailand is the land of smile, then Myanmar is the land of piety.

Postcards 4U: Guardian angels

Dear U, Wandering the streets of Taiwan you’ll be stunned by the elaborated entrance of the temples.

Postcards 4U: Buffalo children

Dear U, The immaculately clear water laps languidly on the white sandy beach, the sky is threatening rain as some menacing dark clouds inch closer to my paradise.

Postcards 4U: Waterworld

Dear U, I was on a small motorboat in the Mekong Delta when I took this photo of a fisherman casting his net. It’s a very simple photo but I think it captures the essence of the life of the people living in those floating houses.

Postcards 4U: Faded glory

Dear U, Hue’s glorious days as the capital of ancient dynasties had long passed. Today’s Hue is a mellow city renowned for its ancient Imperial Citadel as well as a good place to get some tailored clothes

Postcards 4U: Rice girls

Dear U, Riding my rented motorbike through the countryside of Laos is one of the pleasure of travelling in this country.

Postcards 4U: Rain-bowed

Dear U, Although Luang Prabang isn’t the capital of Laos, its attractions far exceed that of Vientiane. People from away come to be awed by the many shinning temples that stand majestically and quietly at this serene colonial town by the Mekong river; they also come to shop at the kaleidoscopic and vibrant night market.