Chat with a travel writer
When you are traveling alone, you met interesting people on the road. Nithin Coca is one such person. We first met in a hostel in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2006. We found out that we were taking the same night train to Thessaloniki, Greece.
Travel to Colombia FAQs
Colombia is fast becoming one of South America’s best travel destinations.
Postcards 4U: Colourfully local
Dear U, People who have never been to Colombia say that it's a very dangerous city, and people who have never been to Bogotá say that it's an ugly and uninspiring city. Well, after living in Colombia for one and a half year, I can tell you that the danger in Colombia is overrated.
Chat with a buffalo racer
Limbang, a small administrative town stuck in between the two parts of Brunei in the Borneo island, is a sleepy town that attracts few visitors. But every year in June, the town comes alive with the Babulang festival of the Bisaya people.
Traveling in my own backyard: Babulang festival and Buffalo racing
Sarawak (Malaysian Borneo) is starting to creep up on the radar of tourists and travelers in the region. Some of the biggest attractions are the festivals here; from the ultra successful Rainforest World Music Festival, to the less known Borneo Jazz festival.
Postcards 4U: Bird of peace
Dear U, In the heart of Medellin city, the 2nd largest city of Colombia, lies the Plaza San Antonio. Inaugurated in 1994 as a public recreation area, it's dotted with sculptures by Fernando Botero, one of Medellin's most famous sons.

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