Fellowship of the Wanderlusters

The living room was dimly lit, the furniture was from a forgotten era, and the room smelled of age. Sitting on the bygone era sofas were six travelers, from different countries. Their presence, youthful excitements, and lively chatters injected life to a room that had seen its glory days.

Unconventional Beds

In these 12 years of wandering life I have encountered all kinds of accommodations and slept in all sorts of beds; rocking trains, luxurious buses, swinging hammocks, third-class boats, bedbugs infested beds, etc. But I have also slept in some really unusual beds.

Wanderlust in Motion

For many people, watching movie is a form of escape from reality. Movies take us to a different reality, and some even take us to places. I love watching movies, even more so movies set in exotic destinations and movies about travel. Some movies are so well made that they created a traveling boom for…read more

Observing Equanimity

As the bus, carrying only a dozen passengers, left BTS Bus Terminal in Kuala Lumpur, my thought had already covered the 250km to my destination; an oasis of calm in the middle of an oil palm plantation near the town of Kuantan on Malaysia’s east coast.

Looking for My Khaosan Road

I came to Bangkok for the first time with my family when I was 15 years old. Like any typical Asian family travel, we joined a tour. We were bused from sites to sights, and the only thing I remember was getting sick from the boat ride to Pattaya. I had never heard of Khaosan…read more

Outer Travel Inner Journey

The autumn of 2005 I did something that changed my life – I walked the Camino de Santiago. For 37 days I traversed over 800km from Roncesvalles, in the Pyrenees, to Finisterre, at the Atlantic coast of northwestern Spain.

Finding Lucky

There is nothing compare to the warm and relaxing sensation of sitting by the beach and watching the sun slowly sets on the horizon. And there’s no sunset quite like the one in Borneo. 2014 was the year I explored my own backyard, Sarawak, and I was surprised to find treasure trove of cultural gems…read more

Chat with a coffee farmer

Salento is fast becoming a must-stop for travelers in Colombia. Drawn here by the spectacular Valle de Cocora and its quaint streets dotted with bohemian cafes, it’s one of the best places to unwind and rest. One of the activities offered in Salento is visiting a coffee farm. There are a few that charge a…read more

Spirited away

Taiwan is one of the most fascinating countries in Asia. The discerning travellers come here for the colourful culture, glorious food and breathtaking nature. Tainan, the oldest city, is famous for its temples. So this is one of the best place to see a temple festival.

Postcards 4U: Guardian angels

Dear U, Wandering the streets of Taiwan you’ll be stunned by the elaborated entrance of the temples.

Chat with a blind masseur

Nothing compares to the heavenly sensation of getting a massage after a long day of sight-seeing, trekking, walking, etc. One of the many pleasures of travelling in South East Asia – the affordable massages.

Moving Cambodia

One of my most terrifying experiences, on par with jumping off a cliff and being mugged, is riding on the back of a motorbike as it zigzag at breakneck speed through Hanoi’s congested traffic.

This is… Borneo sunset

The 3rd largest island in the world, Borneo is as exotic a destination as it comes. The dense and unexplored rainforest jungles (one of the oldest in the world, along with the Amazon rainforest), the many National Parks, tropical beaches, and the native tribes who still cling on to their traditional way of life, all…read more

All Penh up

Looking out the bus window at the choking traffic as the bus crawls into Phnom Penh I feel a sense of unease.

Postcards 4U: Buffalo children

Dear U, The immaculately clear water laps languidly on the white sandy beach, the sky is threatening rain as some menacing dark clouds inch closer to my paradise.

Chat with a tuk-tuk driver

If it is your first time travelling in South East Asia, the ubiquitous tuk-tuk would have fascinated and frustrated you in equal measure. It’s an interesting way to get around but tuk-tuk drivers can be a hassle and bargaining with them is a skill not many of us have.

This is… Angkor

Angkor Wat has been capturing the imagination of travellers, artists, scholars for generations. Nestled amidst forests and padi fields, it was once voted as the most spiritual places on earth.