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Chat with a young street vendor in Dali

Dali, Yunan is one of my favourite places in China. It’s one of the more authentic old town in China that hasn’t been done up too much to attract the tourists’ money, ala Lijiang. Old decadent buildings mingled with the new squeezed in between the imposing Cangshan (Grey Mountain) and the ethereal Erhai Lake.

Postcards 4U: Forbidden past

Dear U, Growing up in nanyang (south of the ocean, typically refers to Singapore and Malaysia), there was no shortage of Hong Kong TV series. I remember watching a lot of period dramas and kungfu series, many of which were either set in the Forbidden Palace or had it as the backdrop to the story….read more

This is… the Great Wall of China at Mutianyu

One of the most awe-inspiring sights you can ever experience in China is the Great Wall. Built over 2 millenniums ago, it has withstood countless assaults of wars, erosion, disrepair, pilfering.