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Top 10 Man-made Wonders

This February I celebrate 10 years of traveling and life on the road. To commemorate this milestone, I’ve come up with a series of Top 10 posts. These choices are based solely on my personal experience. Top 10 man-made wonders

All Penh up

Looking out the bus window at the choking traffic as the bus crawls into Phnom Penh I feel a sense of unease.

Postcards 4U: Buffalo children

Dear U, The immaculately clear water laps languidly on the white sandy beach, the sky is threatening rain as some menacing dark clouds inch closer to my paradise.

Chat with a tuk-tuk driver

If it is your first time travelling in South East Asia, the ubiquitous tuk-tuk would have fascinated and frustrated you in equal measure. It’s an interesting way to get around but tuk-tuk drivers can be a hassle and bargaining with them is a skill not many of us have.

This is… Angkor

Angkor Wat has been capturing the imagination of travellers, artists, scholars for generations. Nestled amidst forests and padi fields, it was once voted as the most spiritual places on earth.

It’s a Cham life

Getting from Can Tho, Vietnam to Kompong Cham, Cambodia requires me to use all my travelling experiences and resources, not to mention an abundance of patience. Instead of land transport, I decide to cross the border by boat,