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Dali unmasked

From foreign backpackers in the past to Chinese tourists of recent years, visitors have been coming to Dali for centuries. There’s just something about this ancient town that has managed to draw people in from ancient time till now.

Off the beaten path: Anshun

Most visitors to China see but only a small portion of this massive country; treading well inside the confine of the beaten paths established by travelers who came before them. Granted there are amazing cultural, historical and natural sights: the Great Wall, Zhangjiajie, the Terracotta Warriors, Panda, etc. just to name a few.

Chat with a young street vendor in Dali

Dali, Yunan is one of my favourite places in China. It’s one of the more authentic old town in China that hasn’t been done up too much to attract the tourists’ money, ala Lijiang. Old decadent buildings mingled with the new squeezed in between the imposing Cangshan (Grey Mountain) and the ethereal Erhai Lake.

Postcards 4U: Lakeside story

Dear U, The beauty of Xihu (West Lake) in Hangzhou has captured the hearts of the Chinese for centuries. It was exulted in poems, paintings, love letters and has ingrained in the imagination of the people as the epitome of beauty with an element of romanticism.

Top 10 Man-made Wonders

This February I celebrate 10 years of traveling and life on the road. To commemorate this milestone, I’ve come up with a series of Top 10 posts. These choices are based solely on my personal experience. Top 10 man-made wonders

Chat with a Tibetan driver

I woke up to a chilly morning and struggled to get out of bed. Dawn in Litang, at over 4,000 meters above sea level, was cold even in summer. After checking out of the hostel, I walked to the bus station to get a transport to Daocheng. But transportation in this Wild West of China…read more

Postcards 4U: Forbidden past

Dear U, Growing up in nanyang (south of the ocean, typically refers to Singapore and Malaysia), there was no shortage of Hong Kong TV series. I remember watching a lot of period dramas and kungfu series, many of which were either set in the Forbidden Palace or had it as the backdrop to the story….read more

This is… Zhangjiajie

Ever since I watched the movie Avatar, I’d been smitten by the surreal landscape of the Hallelujah Mountain. Little did I know that the inspiration of that magical place actually came from a very real place on earth, in China to be exact.

Is blood thicker than water?

Why China? Unlike many places in the world, China had never really pricked my interest. The easy answer was that Chinese were infamous for their lack of civility. But digging deeper, I began to wonder if that was the only reason.