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Chat with a coffee farmer

Salento is fast becoming a must-stop for travelers in Colombia. Drawn here by the spectacular Valle de Cocora and its quaint streets dotted with bohemian cafes, it’s one of the best places to unwind and rest. One of the activities offered in Salento is visiting a coffee farm. There are a few that charge a…read more

Chat with a travel writer

When you are traveling alone, you met interesting people on the road. Nithin Coca is one such person. We first met in a hostel in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2006. We found out that we were taking the same night train to Thessaloniki, Greece. During the train ride we chatted more about our travels; and he’s…read more

Chat with Buddhist Monks

Growing up a Catholic, I had never paid much interest in other religions and philosophies. But when I started a self discovering journey I find myself unconsciously and unknowing drawn to Buddhist philosophy.

Chat with a wildlife guide

Sitting in a dug-out motorized boat, being led here and there by the experienced hand of a guide to spot wildlife is an amazing experience but what caught my attention was how the guide could spot these wildlife from a distance, even at night. My guide Tong-tong is only 19 years old but has a…read more