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Postcards 4U: Rice girls

Dear U, Riding my rented motorbike through the countryside of Laos is one of the pleasure of travelling in this country.

Jarring past

After spending our last day together with a traditional sauna and massage in a temple in Vientiane I said goodbye to my friend and headed to a small town in the north east of Laos. Phonsavan is a dusty town which struggle to hold tourists and travellers interest longer than a day.

Chat with a Khmu youth

Laos is one of those unassuming countries that nobody knows a lot about. So I set out to know the country not only through my camera lens but I wanted to know the country through its people.

Postcards 4U: Rain-bowed

Dear U, Although Luang Prabang isn’t the capital of Laos, its attractions far exceed that of Vientiane. People from away come to be awed by the many shinning temples that stand majestically and quietly at this serene colonial town by the Mekong river; they also come to shop at the kaleidoscopic and vibrant night market.

LOCALmotive boat ride

(The Phonxali-Muang Khua-Muang Ngoi boat ride) Sitting in a 6m x 1m wooden boat with 20 odd people and their luggage wasn’t a fun experience. My knees were squashed up to my chin, the water level was inches from my face and there were as many rapids to navigate through as there are villages along…read more

Postcards 4U: Innocence

Dear U, At the start of our jungle trek near Phonxali, Laos. Our guide brought us to a small wooden house where he bought some lao-lao (Laotian rice whisky)