Experience Taiwan Tour


Exotic culture, atmospheric temples, breathtaking scenery and mouthwatering cuisine

16 October – 25 October, 2015

(9 days & 9 nights)


Experience Taiwan Tour

One of the hidden gems of Asia. Taiwan is off the radar from typical tours and backpackers on ‘pancake trails’, but discerning travelers have been coming for years, and most have returned again and again. Taiwan is home to the rich and compelling Chinese culture which was lost in the mainland during the Cultural Revolution. Old temples are active centres of culture and worship, not just tourist attractions. Taiwanese cuisine is a mouthwatering union of Chinese cooking styles with ingredients and culinary traditions of the indigenous people.

Tour Highlights

This itinerary gives you the experience of millennia-old Chinese traditions and heritage through atmospheric temples, historical sites, and riveting festivals. We will bring you to see some breathtaking scenery, ride the 300km/h Taiwan high speed train, and unwind in a Japanese-era hot spring. We will also tickle your palate and please your stomach with amazing Taiwanese cuisine.


Taipei – 3 days

Experience the famous night markets and sample some delicious Taiwanese food.

Visit atmospheric temples and witness how the locals revolve their life around temples and their festivals.

Delve into the interesting history of Taiwan at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and marvel at the treasures on display at the National Palace Museum.

Visit the suburb of Tamsui, where artists and writers have traditionally lived, and stroll through its atmospheric lanes and waterfront food stalls.

Wander among the youth in the shopping district of Ximending while sipping the ubiquitous bubble tea.


Hualien – 2 days

Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Hualien, a small city sandwiched between imposing mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

Walk and hike the impressive Taroko Gorge.

Be awed by the stunning landscape of the East Coast where mountain cliffs plunge into the Pacific Ocean at Qingshuiduanya.


Ruisui – 1 day

Unwind and pamper yourself at a Japanese-era hot spring.

Enjoy a good night sleep on Japanese tatami bed.


Chishang – 1 day

Cycle in the vast valley of golden rice field, and see how it changes colours during sunrise and sunset.

Feast on the specialty rice-box (Bento) of Chishang, where locals will drive cross country just to taste it.


Tainan – 2 days

Be astounded by the colorful and riveting temple festivals of the oldest city in Taiwan.

Eat to your heart’s content with Tainan’s famous snacks.

Wander around the historical Anping Township and search for hidden dragons.

Visit one of the most famous night markets in Southern Taiwan.

* Option to extend the tour (pre or post) to one or all of the following: 1)Hehuanshan – the Switzerland of Taiwan; 2)Lukang – one of the most atmospheric old town; 3)the ethereal Sun Moon Lake.

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The Cost


(clean and safe dormitory accommodation)

*(add USD$200 for double room only option)

What’s included in the cost?

  • All transportation (metro, buses and trains)
  • Accommodation (dorm beds or double rooms)
  • Admission to all included attractions and sights
  • At least one meal per day.


* $200 Non-refundable deposit required to secure place on tour
* Remainder of tour fee ($999) due by August 1st, 2015
* Full refund -$200 before September 1st, 2015
* 50% refund before September 30th, 2015
* No refund after September 30th, 2015

Additional expenses:

You’ll be responsible for some meals. Budget between $3-5 per meal in Taiwan.

You will also be responsible for booking your airfare to/from Taipei.


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